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All of the perforances featured below were captured live during appearances at EVO RAD. Please watch live performances by The Ballroom Thieves, Will Dailey, Zach Deputy, Warrior King, Dwight & Nicole, Bellas Bartok, Dan Blakeslee, Rustic Overtones, Upstate Rubdown, Van Gordon Martin, The Mallett Brothers, Mighty Mystic, Jonah Tolchin, Roots Of Creation, Hot Day At The Zoo, Damn Tall Buildings, Tigerman WOAH, Toussaint The Liberator, Balkun Brothers, Soul Rebel Project, Julie Rhodes, The Harmaleighs & Adam Ezra, Michael Bernier, Aldous Collins, Laney Jones, Kingsley Flood, Sarah Barrios, Stellar Young, The Cornerstone, Mike Cavanaugh, Keaton Simons, Joe Young, Pat Hull, Cask Mouse, Strange Machines, Mother Ton, Bird Courage, Sasha Yatchenko, Cold Engines, Nemes, Cold River City, Amy & The Engine, People Like You, Ian Fitzgerald,  Jamie Kent, Tan Vampires, High Hopes Band and more.

Jonah Tolchin
Will Dailey
The Elovaters
The Ballroom Thieves
Julie Rhodes
Tigerman WOAH
Bellas Bartok
Warrior King
Zach Deputy
Upstate Rubdown
Dan Blakeslee
Kingsley Flood
Mighty Mystic
Mallett Brothers
Michael Bernier
Roots Of Creation
Hayley Jane
The Meadows Brothers
High Hopes Band
Rolling Nectar
Muddy Ruckus
Toussaint The Liberator
Ian Fitzgerald
Adam Ezra
Rustic Overtones
Congo Sanchez
Joe Sambo & The Goonz
Wise Old Moon
Cold River City
Jay Psaros
Jose Docen
Build A Machine
Sasha Yatchenko
Fire In The Field
Mother Ton
Van Gordon Martin
Stellar Young
Eva Walsh
AJ Edwards
Adam Payne
Soul Rebel Project
Will Dailey
Aldous Collins
Bird Courage
David Corson
Jamie Kent
Strange Machines
Dressed For The Occassion
Keaton Simons
Tan Vampires
Dwight & Nicole
Balkun Brothers
Cold Engines
Frank Viele
Hot Day At The Zoo
Gretchen And The Pickpockets
Mike Cavanaugh
Laney Jones
Damn Tall Buildings
Pat Hull
Harmaleighs & Adam Ezra
Analog Heart
People Like You
Joe Young
John Colvert
Sarah Barrios
Jocelyn And Chris Arndt
Amy & The Engine
Cask  Mouse
Johnny Azari
Ricky Duran
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